📢 25 no-bullsh*t lessons on life as an indie creator

📢 25 no-bullsh*t lessons on life as an indie creator

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Tanmoy Goswami
"I want to quit my toxic/boring job and start something of my own. Can I?"

This is the one question I've fielded the most over dozens of 1:1 brainstorming/consulting calls in the past few months. I'm now bringing everything I've learned walking this path myself over the past four years, in a two-hour live interactive session open to a limited group.

There's a lot of BS flying around about life as an independent creator. Most stories you hear are either about gigantic successes - creators with millions of paying fans, or deflating failures - those who gave up in three months.

My story is different. I lost my job 4 years ago, freaked out because I'd never been involuntarily jobless before, and started writing a mental health newsletter to cobble together an income. It was a wild punt. People paying to read a newsletter produced by an independent writer was unheard of in our part of the world. Today, I am part of the bustling middle class of the creator economy.

This is the zone where 99% of independent creators - likely including you, should you choose this path - will find themselves. I haven't become rich, and the anxiety of doing it all alone has nearly given me ulcers. But hey, I have been able to do work that means a lot to me, uphold my personal values and principles, build precious connections with a fantastic community of readers around the world, and create a bit of impact along the way.

Oh, and I've also managed to make just enough money that I don't have to smile awkwardly and say "Oh you know, I'm just following my passion" when someone asks me why I do what I do.

In this two-hour session, I will tell you all the hard truths I've learned about surviving in this career. Because, let's face it, jobs - especially those you actively want to do - are vanishing like glaciers, and you can't afford to not think about creating something that belongs exclusively to *you*. But before you take the leap or that first nervous half-step, there are many myths to bust and confusions to clear. Let me help.

Limited seats because small groups make for the best conversations. Discounts available for first 5 applicants. If you aren't in a position to pay, DM me. I'm reserving a few no-questions-asked pro bono slots.

Registration link below. Share with friends who might benefit from this. See you soon!