I regularly speak to the media on responsible reporting on mental health and suicide, the intersection of journalism and mental health, and the future of the creator economy.

I believe it is time to consign to the dustbin the ancient idea that 'human interest stories' are a separate genre within journalism. All stories have to have the human at the centre, and examining the mental health implications of every story irrespective of the 'beat' assigned to them – politics, economics, culture, or lifestyle – is one of the most radically efficient ways of doing that.

If you are a journalist and feel I can add value to your work, I'd be happy to chat. Please send your queries with a deadline to You can also find me on Twitter here and here.

Here's a sampler of my media appearances. Thanks to all the colleagues who listened to me and held space for my thoughts.

Journal publication

The national suicide prevention strategy in India: context and considerations for urgent action
India reports the highest number of suicide deaths in the world. At this time when the Indian Government is formulating a national suicide prevention …

Interviews and profiles

“The future of journalism is small, intimate and personal,” says Indian journalist who’s writing about mental health on Substack
Tanmoy Goswami was the world’s first sanity correspondent. Now he’s creating a platform to highlight mental health issues in the Global South.
Changing the Mental Health Discussion
This is a banner year for mental health. And Sanity by Tanmoy is one of several organizations working hard to lead that charge.
This Indian outlet is setting a fresh tone for mental health journalism
Reporting on mental health is not as simple as repeating facts — it also requires the painstaking task of handling sensitive information and stories. Responsible reporting on suicide, for example, can help prevent suicide contagion, also called the Werther Effect.


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How not to depict mental illness and suicide in news reports
How not to depict mental illness and suicide in news reports. The media needs to stop using insensitive or triggering ‘representational images’ and photographs.
What India Can Learn From Covid-19 To Build A Healthier Nation
With the Covid-19 incidence declining over the past few weeks, and with the launch of an ambitious vaccination campaign, 2021 could be a better year for India. But only if the country learnt from the experience of Covid-19 and addressed some big gaps in it’s health system, say experts.
The struggles exacerbated by COVID-19 won’t disappear soon. This year should be a wake-up call to the news industry. - Poynter
Unless our industry gets better at supporting journalists’ mental health, individuals who bring unique and much-needed perspectives will leave.
Is Indian media complying with suicide reporting guidelines? Study shows language used by many newspapers problematic-India News , Firstpost
According to the Centre for Suicide Prevention, there have been other studies that have too noted this correlation between sensational portrayals of suicide by the media versus the risk of attempted suicide and suicide rates. Media reporting on suicide can cause a 1 to 2% variance in suicides
How the coverage of Sushant Singh’s death was a disservice to mental health reportage
It has been over four months since Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai. The media coverage that has followed went from giving out sensitive details about his reported suicide, to privacy-breaching speculations about his mental health, relating it to consump…
The real people of Substack: 12 newsletter writers detail how much money they’re making on the platform
Insider spoke with 12 Substack newsletter authors to find out how much revenue they make from paid subscriptions and ads.
Life after layoffs: Disbelief, confusion and a fight for survival
As they cope with grief and a feeling of loss, many of those let go by firms are turning to therapy

Panel and podcast appearances

Startups and Substack: How to Build Your Media Brand During a Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has upended the world of work and thrown inequality into sharp relief. At the same time, it has also presented a unique set of diffi...
#115 Sanity Correspondent - with Tanmoy Goswami - FirstHuman
My guest this week on Being Human is Tanmoy Goswami, who holds that rare distinction of being the world’s only ‘Sanity Correspondent’ for, well, The Correspondent. He is a passionate advocate for us talking more openly about mental health. He first got on my radar with his article “From the myth of …
Rethinking Mental Health - Suno India
Suno India is a podcast platform solely dedicated to audio-stories and podcasts on issues that matter.
Ep.34 How Do You Find Your Are Depressed? ft. Tanmoy Goswami, Sanity Correspondent at The Correspondent
How do you distinguish between actual depression and just a ‘depression’ that you might feel during these times! We discuss this and more with our guest Tanmoy Goswami. Tanmoy also takes us through a personal life with his wife and child where his wife a caregiver plays a very important role in keep…
Ep.35 Suicide In The Times Of COVID-19 ft. Dr. Soumitra Pathare & Tanmoy Goswami
Suicide rates are 50 percent higher during these times of uncertainty, stress, and isolation compared to last year. But what is the character of Suicide? Is it primarily just a health sector concern? Do we need to dig deeper and look into other sectors? Is suicide going to be the next crisis? How ca…
‎Mind Games | Mirchi: Tanmoy Goswami on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Mind Games | Mirchi, Ep Tanmoy Goswami - 6 May 2019