🎧 Raw ep 3: Faith vs therapy

🎧 Raw ep 3: Faith vs therapy

When therapy refuses to engage with a client's faith, it's elitist and racist.

Sanity by Tanmoy

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Trigger warning: Contains reference to self harm. Please do not listen if you find the subject distressing.

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Intro snippets:

Gayatri Jayaraman

I also want to address the fact that when people say that they will not consider faith and they will not consider religion or spirituality. I think it's a very elitist stance. And I'll tell you why. Because for the common man in a country like India, and you can see it with our grandmothers and people within our families, you don't have to go very far. For centuries, those of us who have not had access to therapists and counsellors and people educated with Ivy League degrees and formal ways of disseminating a therapeutic process have gone to religion.

I do have clients, for instance, who come and say that my psychotherapist was very good. I really liked them. But I didn't like their politics. I didn't like their ideology. They felt too bigoted to me, they would not understand my spiritual leanings. I felt afraid to tell them. I have even had clients who come and tell me, I didn't feel they could handle it if I told them I had suicidal ideations. So you have situations where the client is looking after the therapist, ah, which should not be the case.

Tanmoy Goswami

I guess if somebody were to say that they talked about God on a daily basis, they would be... a quick reference would be made to the DSM 5, and a diagnosis would be found for it, and a pathology would be ascribed to it.

Gayatri Jayaraman

We can't bring that kind of judgement, you know, we can't bring that kind of judgment to people.

Um, if you've noticed, it’s only been a couple of weeks since I started posting my Tarot on social media. You know, I put out a tarot card and I do like a, I don't do divination. But I like to use the cards for symbolism. And I've always been attached to the cards now for almost 20 years, I would say.

But I have never told anybody because I have always thought that I would be seen as a mumbo jumbo person.