I live streamed my panic attack on Instagram

I live streamed my panic attack on Instagram

If the world asks you to distribute your pain pro bono for the benefit of others — SHOW THEM THE MIDDLE FINGER.

Tanmoy Goswami

Nothing in this piece is to be construed as medical advice. Always — always — seek qualified help if you experience the conditions described here. Also, I use the words ‘crazy’ and ‘mad’ purely as literary devices and not as a comment on anyone’s lived experience.

“Hearing you speak right now is bliss.”

I don’t remember if that was the exact comment. I was distracted — my head felt like it was being slowly rotated inside an industrial stone crusher — but I’m pretty sure something close to this did pop up on my screen towards the end of my first-ever Instagram Live.

It was sometime last week. Half a dozen of my followers were watching me live stream a massive midnight panic attack.

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