Meet Ikea, psychotherapist

Meet Ikea, psychotherapist

Assembling furniture for the first time in your life = being in your body = quietening the noise in your head.

Tanmoy Goswami
"I have experienced an unexpected revelation: Ikea is good for my mental health. An American psychologist recently described its stores as a 'map of relationship nightmares'. The ultimate test is when purchases are put together at home, says Dr Ramani Durvasula, who asks couples in counselling to assemble Ikea furniture and report back to her. There is Liatorp, a particularly labyrinthine wall unit. It’s 'the divorcemaker'.

- 'I was saved by Ikea therapy', Patrick Barkham, The Guardian

In our recent paying supporter meet-up, we talked about exploring formats others than text. Lo and behold: I give you Sanity's first full-fledged video story (TW: brief mentions of self-harm).

Putting together the script and then actually producing this 2-minute potboiler, even if it won't win an Oscar, took me a whole day while moaning away with low-grade fever during a long train ride (details of that trip in a future edition).

For best effect, watch with your headphones on at a comfortable volume, or play without your headphones first to check if any of the effects is too jumpy for you.

How was the experience of making this? Suffice it to say that writing a 1,000-word piece feels like a breeze in comparison – but hey, it's so much fun to fumble around inside a new medium (thanks Canva), and it also helps me remind myself not to obsess about being perfect, which is kinda the point of today's story too.

What is the theme today then? Well, it's about the intersection of furniture assembly and mental health. Yup. For real. And I can bet my gleaming new Ikea bed that you will relate to at least some of the six lessons I list here.

Let me know if they do, and share this story with Ikea-loving friends and family who might spot themselves in it.

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PS: Next week's 3rd birthday edition is my very popular annual report. Don't miss it.

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