Mega madness and disability book list

Fifty books to transform your thinking, courtesy a magical Twitter thread.

Tanmoy Goswami

Hello hello 👋🏽

It's a super-quick edition today. I want to share a treasure trove with y'all that I accidentally discovered on Twitter and haven't stopped gushing about. (Original tweet at the bottom of the page – thanks E Krebs, PhD, for instigating the windfall).

Friends of Sanity, I give you the mega madness and disability book list.

Regular readers know that I don't often publish lists. But in a survey a couple of months ago, many of you urged me to share recommendations and suchlike more regularly. Well, here you go.

Some of you have also reached out asking if Sanity could have its own book club, where we gather on Zoom to talk books over coffee. I think it's a fabulous idea. Do you think this list could be a starting point? Write to me if you have ideas on how we could organise a book club, because I have no prior experience of running one.

PS: I haven't obviously read every single book on this list. I have read about a dozen, six of which I have listed below. I hope you find this list exciting and useful. If not, you can always scroll down to the end for a nice sunny picture of Oxford from the window of my hostel room.

Love – Tanmoy

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