On therapeutic witnessing

On therapeutic witnessing

How do we witness another's unbearable pain?

Tanmoy Goswami

Dear Friend of Sanity,

If you are hurting from the unspeakable horrors of the past couple of weeks, I hold you in my thoughts. If you too are struggling to find words, know that you are not alone. I apologise that I am unable to send you the piece I had originally intended for today. I have been unwell for a while. Last week's edition I had cobbled together and scheduled some time ago, but I have since failed to form coherent sentences that wouldn't ring hollow and contrived. Creating 'content' on mental health from the safety of my home feels particularly trivial in this moment. I have found solace and direction in a post on therapeutic witnessing by therapist Mukti Shah, and I am sharing her words with you with her permission.

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