Your loud is becoming my loud. And I didn't opt in.

Your loud is becoming my loud. And I didn't opt in.

Passive audio is the new passive smoking.

Rishad Patel
Shhh, listen with your earphones.
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If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed a shift in our public audio environment. There are people talking on phones. There’s music. You can hear entertainment audio.

Things have gotten loud.

But it’s a different loud. We’re not talking about kids with squeaky audio-forward footwear. This isn’t about airport announcements or that construction project next door or traffic or dogs playing or babies barking.

I’m talking about the shift that private audio is making to the public space.

It’s a whole new loud. It’s that your loud is becoming my loud. It’s that you’re sharing your loud with me…and I didn’t opt in.

Passive audio is the new passive smoking

Remember passive smoking? I’m calling this passive audio.

Until not very long ago, smoking was something you could do wherever you liked — and you never really had to check with me if I minded. (I minded.) And then slowly the walls closed in on you and suddenly you had to move to the back of the plane, or sit in the smoking section of the restaurant, or go stand in the yellow smoking box. And now you can’t even do that because there are fewer and fewer places for you to smoke. It isn’t socially acceptable, and it went from there to being illegal.

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