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πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Welcome to Sanity + your FAQs, answered

Tanmoy Goswami

Hey there new friend,

Welcome to Sanity. Thanks for allowing me into your inbox. It's a big deal for me.

When I launched Sanity by Tanmoy after suddenly losing my job in December 2020, a friend told me: "Wait. That sounds like a perfume brand." Great, I thought. Mental health coverage in the mainstream media stinks. We could do with some fresh scent.

But no, Sanity is not sponsored by Chanel. In fact it has no sponsors. Except you, my readers. Everything on Sanity is free. There's zero ads. Zero spam. Zero sneaky stuff with your data. I can only do this because of the support of a loving group of paying supporters from all over the world.

Since you are new to the platform, I thought I'd take a few minutes to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Sanity. If you have any other questions, just drop me a line. I reply to every reader email (disclaimer: the speed of my response depends on my moody head).

Okay then, here goes.

1. First a question from me: What would you like to read here?

Sanity works on a season-based format. The first season (January-March 2023) is currently on, and it features weekly deep dives on the intersection of mental health and work. I choose seasons based on a combination of your demand, my own interests, and how far I can stretch my limited resources. Take the 2-minute survey below to tell me what you'd like to read here, and I'll try to make it happen.

Your 2023 Wishlist for Sanity
Help me tell the stories that matter to you.

2. What is Sanity?

Nothing like Sanity has ever existed before. This post will give you hints about the DNA of the platform and the community here.

What is Sanity by Tanmoy?
Sanity is an independent mental health storytelling platform, born out of my personal experience of living with chronic and potentially life-threatening mental health conditions.

3. Why do supporters love Sanity?

Hands down, this is my most favourite video on the Internet.

4. What are the core values of Sanity?

Sixteen (evolving) principles I try to follow.

Who’s the guy you just supported? 16 promises from me to you
As a subscriber, you deserve to know what my values are. So let’s begin there.

5. Why did I use privacy-friendly tools to build Sanity?

This one's easy: peace of mind.

Sanity by Tanmoy Privacy Policy
Hello there. I have no idea who you are, because this site does not track your every move.

6. Why did I turn down a funding offer for Sanity?

Because not everything needs to grow big and take over the world. Some things fulfill their destiny by remaining small and making a small dent in the world.

UPDATE: Why I turned down a funding offer for Sanity
Not every idea needs to β€˜grow’ and β€˜scale’ and take over the world. Some ideas fulfil their destiny when they remain small and serve the world in their own small way.

7. All this is cool, but is Sanity changing anything in the mental health universe? And how has it survived two whole years?

You'll find answers to all your editorial and financial questions in my annual report. Plus there are some pretty nice graphics in there.

🎊 We made it. Again!
Editorial and financial highlights, recognition for Sanity, the painful stuff, and what’s coming in 2023. Enjoy :)

That's it for now. Take some time to familiarise yourself with Sanity. And if you like what you see, help me keep going by contributing as a paying supporter. It'd mean the world to me.

Thanks again, and see you around πŸ‘‹πŸΎ.